The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is a community of marketing and business development professionals working to secure profitable business relationships for their A/E/C companies. Through networking, business intelligence, and research, SMPS members gain a competitive advantage in positioning their firms successfully in the marketplace. SMPS offers members professional development, leadership opportunities, and marketing resources to advance their careers.

SMPS is the only organization dedicated to creating business opportunities in the A/E/C industry. Companies tap into a powerful national and regional network to form teams, secure business referrals and intelligence, and benchmark performance. SMPS was created in 1973 by a small group of professional services firm leaders who recognized the need to sharpen skills, pool resources, and work together to build their businesses.

Today, SMPS represents a dynamic network of 6,000+ marketing and business development professionals from architectural, engineering, planning, interior design, construction, and specialty consulting firms located throughout the United States and Canada. The Society and its chapters benefit from the support of 3,700 design and building firms, encompassing 80% of the Engineering News–Record Top 500 Design Firms and Top 400 Contractors.

SMPS’ mission is to advocate for, educate, and connect leaders in the building industry.  SMPS’ vision is for premier professional service firms to recognize SMPS as their most trusted resource for building business and achieving success.


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Headshots by:


    • Suria Lee

      KOA Corporation
    • Rayna Feliciano

    • Joseph Fong

      Immediate Past President
    • Felicity Lao

    • Carmen Gonzalez

      DPR Construction
    • Matthew Sullivan


    • Shelley Santo, CPSM

      Frederick Fisher & Partners
    • Christine Timbre

      Pankow Builders
    • JoAnne DeGuzman

      Henderson Engineers
    • Kristi Sprinkel

      Special Events
    • Shaunagh O’Connor

      WJE Associates
    • Krystle English

    • Fawn Radmanich, CPSM

      Professional Development
      PCL Construction
    • Tom Smith, FSMPS, CPSM

      Chapter Champion

    • Tonya Dooley, CPSM

      PRC Liason
      NAC Architecture
    • Luis Dominguez

      Chapter Office
      LAD Management

Annual Leonardo Awards Program

2015 marks the 32nd annual presentation of the Leonardo Awards Program. The program was established as a means to celebrate the A/E/C industry’s finest professionals. The qualities that earned Leonardo daVinci recognition as the quintessential Renaissance man are the same attributes that inspired the founding Board of Directors to coin the program in his honor. Since its inception, the program has recognized an illustrious consortium of modern-day inventors and creators.

This year’s award recipients are:

Leonardo Award
Kim Tanouye, Englekirk Structural Engineers

Industry Honor Award
Los Angeles World Airports
Represented by Roger A. Moore


The primary awards presented during the evening are:

Leonardo Award
To honor a marketing or business development professional that has clearly succeeded in being innovative in their profession, invested in education, served as a professional leader, and given back to the surrounding community.

Industry Honor Award
To pay tribute to a client organization that has made momentous contributions to the built environment in Los Angeles and its surrounding communities.

2015 Recipients:
Leonardo Award: Kim Tanouye, Englekirk Structural Engineers
Industry Honor Award: Los Angeles World Airports

Past Recipients:
2014 Shelley Santo, Frederick Fisher Partners
2013 Andrea Walden, HOK
2011 Tom Neary, Morley Builders
2009 Paula Stamp, PCL
2008 Daniel Slater, Smith-Emery Company
2007 Randall Paulson, Walker Parking
2005 Peter Devereaux, HED
2004 Calvin Abe, ahbe landscape architects
2003 Michael Enomoto, Gruen Associates
2002 Ronald Altoon, Altoon + Porter
2001 Charles Mutillo, Morley Builders
2000 Debra Barbour, ZGF Architects, LLP
1999 Michael Savage, Jerry Kovacs & Assoc.
1998 Michael Hallmark, NBBJ
1997 Lauren Melendrez, Melendrez
1996 Ann Banning-Wright, Syska Hennessy
1995 Phyllis Dubinsky, Dworsky Associates
1994 Terry Dooley, Morley Construction
1993 Dan Jacobs, Albert C. Martin & Assoc.
1992 Sharlene Silverman, Ove Arup Partners
1991 David Dretzka, Dretzka & Associates
1990 Gail Schwartz, Nadel Partnership
1989 Diane Creel, Earth Technology
1987 Carol Huntington, Parson Brinckerhoff Quade & Partners
1986 Tom Ryan, McLarand Vasquez & Partners
1985 Charlie Poll, Poll Associates
1984 Dick Lewis, Lewis & Associates
1983 Ronnie Paul, Dworsky Associates
1982 C.A. Carlson, Welton Becket
1981 Bill Feathers, Syska Hennessy

Marketing Communications Awards

The MCA is an esteemed awards program that is modeled after the SMPS National event and recognizes excellence in marketing communications by professional services firms in the design and building industry. The competition is not just about design, but also results.


Congratulations to our 2015 MCA Award Winners!
First Place (Brochure):
Morley Builders

First Place (Internal Communications):
Syska Hennessy

Honorable Mention (Internal Communications):
AC Martin Partners, Inc.

Honorable Mention (Direct Mail Campaign):
New Voodou

First Place (Social Media):
Rios Clementi Hale Studios

First Place (Video):
HLB Lighting

People’s Choice:
Syska Hennessey

Member Recognition Program

SMPS/LA has many ways to achieve your personal and professional goals! Check out our local Chapter’s list of individuals who achieved these noteworthy accomplishments.

Past Presidents Overview:
Each of these individuals served the SMPS/LA Chapter through their commitment to our Vision of: “A community to enhance and inspire a legacy of excellence” and our Promise of: “Provide a valuable A/E/C resource for firm and individual growth through innovative educational, leadership, and relationship opportunities.”

CPSM Overview:
Your marketing skills are vital to the lifeline of your firm. Every day you further your company’s growth by identifying new project opportunities, developing business relationships, and getting your company’s name in front of prospective clients. That’s your job as a professional services marketer. SMPS, the recognized leader in education and information for marketing professional services, offers a credential that recognizes the marketing expertise you have achieved: Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).

Learn more about the CPSM program here: https://www.smps.org/Certification/

Chapter Fellows Overview:
The Fellows of SMPS represent the highest level of experience and leadership in marketing within the design and building industry. The Fellows serve as a resource at the chapter, regional, and national levels, providing insight, ideas, programs, and mentoring for the benefit of the members and the Society. In addition, these individuals teach, write, and speak on marketing issues outside of SMPS, working to advance the profession of marketing professional services throughout the architectural/engineering/construction industry.

Let’s take a moment to recognize these individuals’ efforts and dedication to SMPS/LA!

Past Presidents List

2014-2015 Joseph Fong | 2013-2014 Juanita Martinez | 2012-2013 Amanda Sigafoos | 2011-2012 Veda Solomon | 2010-2011 Erica Hauck | 2009-2010 Randy Paulson | 2008-2009 Brandy Little | 2007-2008 Brandy Little | 2007-2008 Raylene Brown | 2006-2007 Tonya Dooley | 2005-2006 Gerry Rodrigues | 2004-2005 Jennifer Carter | 2003-2004 Jennifer Carter | 2003-2004 Kimberly Knight | 2002-2003 Lupe Perez | 2001-2002 Paula Stamp | 2000-2001 Tom Neary | 1999-2000 Caecilia Gotama | 1998-1999 Debra Barbour | 1997-1998 Bonnie Zogby | 1996-1997 Sammi Reeves | 1995-1996 Mike Savage | 1994-1995 Andrea Walden | 1993-1994 Lori Belateche| 1992-1993 Phyllis Dubinsky | 1991-1992 Daniel Jacobs | 1990-1991 Janice Reese | 1989-1990 Kent Jacobsen | 1988-1989 Robert Schultz | 1987-1988 Corwin Vansant | 1986-1987 J. Patrick Drohan | 1985-1986 Raymond Gaio

CPSM List of Individuals

Tom Smith | Jon Jaeger | Paula Stamp | Shelley Santo | Maria Marzoeki | Tonya Dooley | Larry Casey | Brandy Little | Juanita Martinez | Teena Videriksen | Fawn Radmanich | Ulia Loschiavo | Ann Banning-Wright | Maia Hampson

Chapter Fellows List of Individuals

Tom Smith | Nancy Egan