Welcome to the SMPS/LA Mentorship Page!

We are excited to announce the newly-improved mentorship program, which has been reformatted to incite broader participation, create measureable outcomes, and demonstrate real value to the firms of participants.


Protégés will have access to a pool of mentors, all of whom are accomplished professionals within diverse disciplines and positions. There will no longer be one-on-one pairing: all protégés can benefit from the wisdom of each mentor.

Protégés must participate in a “Shadow a Professional” day. This means that they will spend a minimum of three hours working alongside another professional, who is either in a different discipline or position to broaden their understanding and working knowledge of the AEC business.

Protégés will be required to attend at least two networking events, preferably as a mentor’s guest, where they can rehearse networking etiquette in real-time scenarios.

Each protégé will complete a personal project that demonstrates leadership using the knowledge and skills gained through the program. Projects might encompass: formal presentations; writing news articles for SMPS and/or industry publications; workplace initiatives; or spearheading a SMPS program.

Meetings will be held monthly, starting in October and ending in May, and focus on quarterly themes including Self Awareness, Ownership & Responsibility, Stress Management, and Communication.

Participants will have the opportunity to take the StrengthsFinder 2.0, a Gallup personality profile, to help them better understand how to capitalize on their strengths.

All participants will receive a personal journal in which they can document their program commitments, insights, and progress throughout the term.

Upon successful completion of the program, protégés will be acknowledged for their accomplishments. This might include a letter to an employer, as well as formal recognition at the 2018 Leonardo Awards gala.

Meet our distinguished panel of mentors

To find out more about them click on their name.

 Jesse Urquidi, Project Development Director, P2S Engineering

 Paul Turang, Paul Turang Photography

  Leslie Young, Associate Partner, STIR Architecture

 Patti Harburg-Petrich, S.E., Associate Partner, Buro Hapold

Mike Fedorchek, Vice President, Matt Construction

Andrea Walden, Business Development ManagerSouthland Industries 

Juanita Martinez, Business Development Coordinator,  NCE

Matthew Parrent, Senior Associate, Gruen Associates 

Dianne Lee, Associate VP, Western Region,  AECOM


Jennifer Vasquez, Director of Marketing/Corp. Comm., C.W. Driver

 Joe Deiuliis, Senior Director, KCS West

Richard Chen, Principal, Miyamoto International


Kick-Off Meeting 11/7/17
Meeting #2 12/5/17
Meeting #3 1/16/18**
Meeting #4 2/6/18
Meeting #5 3/6/18
Meeting #6 4/3/18
Meeting #7 5/1/18
Wrap-Up 5/17/18 (exact date to be confirmed based on Leonardo awards)

** Moved to third Tuesday of month due to New Year’s holiday.


To qualify, you must be a current member of SMPS (any chapter) and be currently employed. It does not matter how many years of experience you have, the size or discipline of your firm, or your role within the company.


You must complete the online application and pay the $50 registration fee.

To access the online application, please go to: https://goo.gl/forms/8E8FuPqyUAOqSC202

To access the registration page, please go to: https://tinyurl.com/2017-18-mentoring


All questions can be directed to our mentorship program chairperson:

Brandy Little, CPSM, CPCC
A3K Consulting
(818) 850-8055