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President's Message

June 1, 2020

Valued Members and Colleagues:

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s been a tough few days…weeks…months.

For many people, working in the midst of a global pandemic has been difficult. For those of us fortunate enough to still have our health and our jobs, we have been challenged to learn how to be productive while the lines of our personal and professional lives continue to blur. Overnight, our world and very way of life was turned on its head. The anxiety, stress, and fatigue from the past few months has started to settle in. And just as soon as we see hopeful signs that the impacts of this insidious, invisible enemy may be beginning to wane, we are vividly reminded that America’s struggles include more than just the fight against the coronavirus.  

I’m breathing deeply as I write this. What I am writing about is charged.

I am overwhelmed, heartbroken, and confused by the events of the last week, starting with the senseless death of George Floyd. Tragedies like these have a profound impact our collective spirit and carry a heavy emotional toll on our hearts and on our minds.

This isn’t something that we can continue to not talk about as we exchange pleasantries and vague recaps of our weekends as we wait for our 9am Zoom meeting to begin. 

This is not business as usual, nor should it be. So, I’ll keep this chapter update short and to the point.

  • New SMPS LA Website: SMPS-LA is proud to announce our new website. The new site offers a host of features and services, including a members-only area, integrated event registration, and responsive design. More communication to follow.
  • SMPS LA To-Go: Due the overwhelmingly positive response to our chapter’s virtual education series, SMPS LA To-Go, we will be extending the program through August 31, 2020. These webinars will continue to be free of charge for members.
  • Leonardo’s Awards Dinner: It has come to the point where we must sadly announce that our annual awards dinner will not take place this year. While we hoped that things would work out in time, this public heath challenge persists, and the only path forward is to wait until we can safely gather.

SMPS is in the business of PEOPLE. Our organization’s greatest value is, and will always be, OUR PEOPLE. We are a diverse community made up of kind, open individuals committed to learning and leading our firms forward, together. In both setback and success, we take care of one another.

Stay safe and healthy, friends.


Damion Morris, CPSM

President, SMPS Los Angeles