Sponsor Spotlight: Jun Tang Photography

August 26, 2020

My SMPS Story: 
Jun Tang, Owner of Jun Tang Photography

"Of all the organizations that I was considering, SMPS Los Angeles stood out first and foremost with their hospitality. I had never felt so welcome to an organization.

SMPS-LA is a great way to network and to learn about the AEC industry. I realized that everything I needed to start and build my career in the AEC industry is at SMPS – the people I've met at SMPS events, as well as the members I have had an opportunity with whom to build relationships.  I completed and submitted my first RFP this year for an LA County project, and I was able to get that done largely in part due to my SMPS network.  SMPS provides opportunities…and that's all you can ask for." - Jun Tang

smps mARKETER - AUGUST 2020

Did you know? Jun Tang Photography is featured in SMPS Marketer's August 2020 issue. 

Throughout Marketer, SMPS features the photographic work of an SMPS member. Photographs for each article are chosen with intention to highlight a concept in the article or to provide aesthetic value. SMPS has added an icon to some of the photo credits to delve a bit into the story behind the picture. Download your free copy today!

Congratulations to our Photography/Videography In-Kind Sponsor!